Sensible Soccer Scarica

Sensible Soccer Scarica Sensible Soccer Scarica

Play one of the all-time favorite soccer video games in your browser. Win a match against the computer team in Sensible Soccer Sensible Soccer, or affectionately mentioned by fans as "Sensi, is a soccer arcade video game that was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).4,25(49). Download Sensible Soccer For PC Full Version. Download Sensible Soccer For PC. Sensible Soccer For PC Download From External Mirror. Sensible Soccer, conosciuto anche come Sensible World of Soccer (o con l'acronimo SWOS) è un gioco uscito nei primi anni 90, rilasciato per piattoforme Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS, Super Nintendo, Game Boy e altre divenuto nel tempo uno dei giochi di calcio più famosi di tutti i tempi, al punto che, oggi, esistono numerose community online in cui gli utenti si sfidano in campionati mondiali.

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Of course it's not a surprise that people are still playing SWOS, we are talking about a cult game, especially for Amiga aficionados. Please note the 16-17 in the logo Its typical bird's-eye view with a small perspective, the amazing gameplay, the tactics and management system Amiga Power voted it the best game ever created for the Amiga. In 2007 SWOS was included in the list of the 10 most infuential video games ever created.

The classic birds-eye view with some perspective of SWOS With a lot of people still playing it, several websites have been publishing fan-made updates.

The other bad ish news: Unfortunately it has a few bugs.

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We set up a three-player World Cup qualifying game, playing as England, Holland and Norway more about those elsewhere. To our surprise I, as England, had to play myself, as England.

I played it to see what would happen. I won 23-0 quite easily with no opponent, but England had a 23-23 draw in their record, theyd played one game more than they should have, and didnt play San Marino or Turkey in their group. Another bug: you can tell who youre controlling because their number appears above their head.

Players in this version are not numbered correctly: they pop up all over the place with numbers given to them at random. Either that or Ian Wright and Paul Ince both have ginger hair. Computer controlled teams are a lot more stupid and easier to beat.

Too many times computer forwards have shot with totally the wrong aftertouch so that the ball curves harmlessly away towards the corner flags. Goalkeepers - always controlled by computer in this - are also not as good as the Amiga version.

The sound is barely adequate.

Even with a Sound Blaster you dont get the noise of players kicking the ball, only crowd noises. Whistles and other effects are shrill beeps.

Sensible World of Soccer is the enhanced version of the original Sensible Soccer, the soccer sim designed and developed by Sensible Software."SWOS" was released in for the Amiga. In a version , with several bug fixes, was released (together with the DOS version)(8). While I quite haven't figured out why they call it sensible yet, this soccer title was one of the more interesting ones at the show. Not only is it on Mega CD, where sports games are kind of rare, but it also has many more options than similar titles. From the very start, it contained that "soccer (2). Sensible Soccer, often affectionately known as Sensi, is an association football video game series which was highly popular in the early s and which still retains a cult following. Developed by Sensible Software and first released for Amiga and Atari ST computers in as well as for the PC, it featured a zoomed-out bird's-eye view (most games until then such as Kick Off and Matchday.

Without a soundcard it has all the atmosphere of an episode of Take The High Road. The graphics are fine, but although it looks to us like the players are slightly bigger and you see less of the pitch, this has been officially denied.

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Admittedly, a large part of this is due to general difficulties with pcs and joysticks anyway, and seem to be rooted in a kind of pc antiarcade game snobbery. Anyway, most analogue joysticks play the game poorly except for the Gravis Analog, and decent digital joysticks are hard to find for the pc.

Like in Kick Off the ball is not glued to your players which is good and there is also different ways you can shoot the ball.

The match engine is really great and you can have a good look across the entire stadium within a few seconds of play.

The graphics are good and detailed and the game has a great atmosphere during the matches as well, because of the sound implemented. One of the really GOOD action- soccer-sims.

The control is a bit confusing at first, but you'll soon find out that the balls just not glued to the players foot like in most other soccer-games. It's not easy to master, but it's most realistic!

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Sensible Soccer é um jogo de futebol legalzinho, proporcionando uma ação rápida em capo, dribles hipnotizantes, rasteiras com muita raça, jogadas bonitas e gols inacreditáveis O game conta com vários ângulos de câmera com controles em sobre os movimentos e (2). Antes do FIFA e do Pro Evolution Soccer chegarem ao seu PC e consola de jogos, o jogo de futebol que era instalado em todos os computadores era o Sensible Soccer. Temos de pensar que foi em e oferecia gráficos realmente bons para essa altura e ótima velocidade, devido a isso ainda há pessoas que ainda se recordam daquelas longas tardes (e noites) a jogar o Sensible. download sensible soccer windows, sensible soccer windows, sensible soccer windows download grátis.

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They made it, and the result is amazing! Or you can be Conte and try to win the Premier League with Chelsea.

Apart from the data, nothing has changed. The game is still the classic Sensible World of Soccer.